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Jemm’s Group is your perfect partner to transform ideas into reality.
Existing or new ideas, big or small volumes. You’ve proberbly seen that there are many steps and risks to make when you have the idea to launch a private label. That’s why we are there for you. We can take care of the whole process from an idea to a final product. Your future product can even be something you saw at one of your competitors.

Design Textile

  • It’s important for us to gather as much information as possible before we make an offer and design. Information such as quantities, deadlines, freight etc. are extremely important for us to create a suitable offer. We will help you to create your ideas which suits the budget.

  • When we have received all the information, we can start making the sketches. We always respect your wishes and ideas and it’s our duty to inform you about the possible fashion trends, colors and even patterns. Keeping that in mind, we will put you idea combined with our knowlegde on paper and discuss it with you.

  • We will start making samples when the designs are approved. These samples will be the reference for the final product. Any changes that occur here will be processed in the design again, at the end we will have an final product.

  • We can also design and provide the final packaging. This can be a hanger or plastic bag and we also have custome made or standard boxers in carton or metallic.

  • We have factories all over the world. Depending on your wishes and budget, we will choose the right factory. We will have a constant quality control during the final production because ‘good isn’t good enough’. The freight is the last step to make and it all depens on the agreements we have made for example EXW or FCA.

  • At the end your idea has become reality and hopefully after a short period you are running out of stock. Before it’s completely running out of stock, it’s important to reproduce on time. If it’s necessary, we will set up an production schedule to prevent this.


Design proces
Low pricing
Factories all over the world 
Short passage of time 
High quality



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