Private textile label

Simply convert your idea or wish to an actual textile product.

We can convert your idea or wish to an actual textile product.
We are very proud that we can make private label productions for major international companies,
but we work on smaler projects with the same passion and enthusiasm.

We believe that each assignment is a new challenge, small or extreme large quantities.
Our motivated and professional team has only one purpose and that is to create the thing you have dreamed of.

  • Quality 

We believe that quality is one of the most important matter in textile. With so many different materials, factories and techniques we can always create something which suits your budget without compromising on quality.

  • Special techniques and yarns

What makes your product special? Did you ever thought about the unique selling point of your product? Jemm’s Group can help you to create something that is unique by using special knit techniques or yarns. For example using anti-aging yarns, yarns with UV protection or flame retardant materials can make almost any textile product special.

  • An private label in small Volumes

Depending on the type of product smaller volumes are mostly not a problem for us. For many companies large volumes are one of the moss well-known reasons not to start a private label. In addition the the high quantities, we are also able to produce smaller volumes . That’s something most of the textiles producers can’t do.

  • Special requests

Perhaps you are looking for something that’s never been done before. Let us help you to create  that amazing idea into reality. The different types of yarns, materials, machines and techniques can make almost everything possible. For any special request you can contact us.

in 85% of cases we are able to meet customer needs, the remaining 15% are achievable in the future with new technologies.

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