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Jemm’s Group is distributor of the brand Scala which is shapewear with lasting and slimming results. They use special yarns in their collection, so called Emana-yarns. These yarns make it possible to lose inches around the problem areas and fight against cellulite. The functionality of the Scala products are scientifically proven.

 Jemm’s Group has her own label called La Pin-Up de Paris. This label is simular to Scala, and also made with Emana-yarns. The difference is that La Pin-Up de Paris is for the young and modern woman of today. The collection contains aspects from the fifties and is also inspired by the Pin-Up women. The independent, sexy and stylish woman who isn’t afraid to show her beautiful body.

Besides Scala and La Pin-Up de Paris Jemm’s Group got the opportunity to sell the Gisele Bündchen Intimates collection. This lingerie line of Gisele Bündchen consists of different collections with their own unique look

If you don’t want an private label, please e-mail us to discuss our existing labels.








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